What makes us an international school?

Oxford International School of Tunis (OIST) has developed a curriculum framework that follows the British international standards enriched with an interdisciplinary approach adaptable to the local Tunisian environment. At OIST, we provide an education aimed for school-aged dependents of the national and international communities residing in the Tunis area. Our pupils learn in small sized classes where they can meet peers of a multitude of nationalities and a variety of linguistic, cultural and civilizational backgrounds.

Our classes are taught by an international team of native English teachers along with a team of local teachers with an advanced level of proficiency in English. While they all possess rich experience teaching at the Primary and Secondary stages, each one of them brings a unique background, enriching our multicultural and multilingual structure of the school.


The international aspect of our school is also derived from the fact that more than three languages are taught along different stages. Exposure to different languages which of course enriches our pupils’ learning experience is an asset towards the fulfilment of the international dimension.

Within such an environment, our pupils will develop and grow to be globally minded citizens with the ability to effectively function in multinational and multicultural communities thanks to sensitivity to similarities and differences between languages and cultures.

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