Oxford International School of Tunis (OIST) was founded to host national and international pupils in 2018. We are a private, independent institution run and managed by a board of governors composed solely of Tunisian nationals.

OIST was mainly established with the main objective of providing national and international pupils with an alternative education; an opportunity to benefit from an English language-based instruction. Schools using English as their major means of instruction and communication was very rare thus opening our school was an excellent opportunity for local students to navigate and excel through the British educational system providing them direct and easy access to English speaking universities locally and globally.

OIST is one of the very few CAMBRIDGE accredited schools in Tunisia. We are now listed on most reference sites for accredited schools capable of delivering the British Curriculum in Africa. As a Cambridge International Education affiliate, OIST has all the resources, standards, recommendations and schemes of work necessary for professionally delivering an authentic British Program.

The year 2021 was a special one in OIST history as it is the year that our first group of OIST year 11 students sat for their IGCSEs. It has been a resounding success and we are proud of all our students. We look forward to the results in due course.

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