At OIST, we’ve found that students benefit greatly—both academically and emotionally—from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place. That’s why all OIST students start volunteering  program from primary school.

Pupils take part in a number of service-learning initiatives. They take part in working in community gardens, recycling and green initiatives.   Pupils also participate in clothing and food drives. Pupils look for ways to help the community they visit. They also participate in school fundraising events and initiatives. They visit sites around Tunis and Tunisia to help out at schools, community centers, and hospitals.

While completing community service projects, students develop real-world skills that will help them succeed lower and upper secondary school and beyond. They practice:

  • Leadership
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaboration with others
  • Time management
  • Communication

Most importantly, students learn that the work they do can make a real impact in the world. By getting involved in community service at a young age, children develop a richer perspective of the world they live in and connect better what they learn in school to the real world.

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